Group: 2013-FYP-39



Dr. Khalid Mehmood Ul Hasan


The project aims for surveillance and security purpose in indoor and also outdoor environments with the feature of automatic stair climbing.Visual information is constantly gained with high-resolution cameras, bolstered by different sensors and dynamic brightening. The whole information handling is performed straightforwardly on the portable robot stage continuously. Surveillance system and robots are two unique system that complete their claim undertaking individually. The fundamental motivation for this venture is to join these two frameworks to create a versatile robot furnished with a camera as an insight observation framework. This robot can be utilized as a medium for a checking framework remotely by remotely-controlled by human through PC. For the cause of surveillance, the live video will be streamed through Raspberry Pi (No IR, V2) with the help of Wi-Fi router. For manual controlling of the robot, 4 channel RC controller is used having a carrier frequency of 35 Mhz. The other part of the project is security. Moving item identification gives a grouping of the pixels in the video succession into either frontal area (moving items) or background. A typical approach used to accomplish movement recognition is foundation subtraction, some of the time alluded to as background removal, where every video casing is looked at against a reference or background demonstrate, pixels that veer off essentially from the background are thought to move objects. In security mode, motion detection is done using GMG filter of the Open CV. When motion is detected an alert is send to the administrator by message/call. Along with the alert, images of detected person are also uploaded on the dropbox folder for the sake of future record. To assist the camera for night vision IR illuminators are used in front along with the camera. In add-ons section, we are doing object targeting with the help of a laser which is achieved by taking the difference of detected object position and laser position and trying to make that error equal to zero.

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