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Mr. Habib Wajid


This era is termed as the world on innovation. From advanced automobiles to industrial automation, we have it all. Such a large endeavors have been taken place by restaurants owners also to adopt latest data communication technologies in the likes of PDA, wireless LAN, expensive multi touch screens etc to improve dining experience. However, there are some restrictions of the regular paper based and PDA based food ordering framework like the necessity of human labor and solid administrative model. Rather than this what we propose is a cheap touch screen based restaurant management system utilizing PLC (Programmable Logic Design) and multi touch LCD Module (HMI). The system comprises of a multi touch LCD module at the client table containing all the menu subtle elements. Orders made by the clients will be shown on the chefs HMI. Hell place the order at a defined spot which will be provided to the customer through the channel of a robotic arm and a conveyer belt. Not only this, even the return of the dishes is automated. This application is easy to use, enhances proficiency and precision for customers by saving time and lessens human errors. This framework effectively beats the disadvantages in prior mechanized food ordering systems and is more affordable as it requires a one-time venture for contraptions and furthermore avoids salaries of servers and staff. Man labor is only needed for preparing food.

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