Group: 2013-FYP-37



Dr. Muhammad Asghar Saqib


High voltage DC power supply is fundamental device in power engineering. High voltage lab is incomplete without HVDC power supply. The objectives of this project are to explore and develop a device that will produce a HVDC low power supply. The project is based upon Flyback transformer and Cock-Craft voltage multiplier circuit. The switching pulses have been generated by NAND gate logic and fed to one terminal of flyback transformer while other is fed DC source rectified using full wave rectifier. Flyback transformer is high frequency operated transformer which provides high voltage pulses in KVs with input extending to few volts. Output pulses of flyback have been fed to 6-stage Cock-Craft voltage multiplier. The output specifications are 60 KV no load and 40 KV while in loading condition. Proteus and Matlab Simulink have been used for simulation purposes. The supply has been equipped with measuring circuit employing potential divider technique. The application circle of HVDC low power supply is extended to many fields of science for testing and research purposes. Dealing with high voltage DC is a matter of precaution, so a great deal of that is required. To accomplish these results was a tough though a feasible job. Our project mainly deals with the two fields of Electrical Engineering namely Power and Electronics.

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