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Mr. Salman Fakhar


Extracting power from renewable energy sources is a need of the hour and our project focuses on extracting maximum power out of solar module. We are producing a prototype which when implemented on commercial basis will not only improve the efficiency of existing system but also will produce good profit margins. Maximum power point tracker is primarily defined as power electronics DC to DC converter that traces the maximum operating power point of the solar panel and supplies it to the load. This DC to DC converter is designed to reduce the input voltage from the PV module to a reasonable voltage level that is necessary to charge the batteries according to their rating. Dual axis solar tracking has been achieved by using LDR's and two hydraulic DC motors assembled to control solar panel movement in particular direction to a point where solar insolation is maximum. Particle swarm optimization method is used for maximum power point tracking to enhance the power output of solar panel and to regulate output of solar panel. Using buck converter output voltage of PV is reduced to 24 volts to charge the 24 volt DC batteries using stm microcontroller. The output of 24 volt DC batteries is boosted to 220 volt using ferrite core chopper transformer working as a boost converter then, output of Boost converter is converted to 220 Vrms via single phase inverter at 50 Hz. Enhanced efficiency and improved power are the most significant aspects of maximum power point tracking.

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