Group: 2013-FYP-13



Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi


Among the electrical machines induction motor is the widely used machine in the industry and commercial purposes.When we connect IM with supply it runs at rated speed but we need variable speed in many applications along with rated torque..To achieve this we implement v/f control which enables us to improve dynamic control of IM with rated torque and varying speed.We have employed advanced PWM technique known as SVPWM in which a reference voltage vector having desired frequency and magnitude is sampled at high frequency. Our goal is to approximate reference vector trajectory circular as much as we can.Closer the circular trajectory,lower will be the harmonics in phase current and output will approach to sinusoidal.The running (present) speed of IM is compared to input speed and error is fed to PI controller which assures the precise control independent of slip of the motor.Keeping in mind the diverse use of mobiles,instead of manually controlling the drive we are controlling it with android app.Android app is connected with blue-tooth module which further communicates with STM controller.

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