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Dr. Ubaid Ullah Fiaz


Users of public transport face a lot of problems such as long irritating wait on bus stops and often no bus arrival after a long wait. An innovative solution is to display the expected bus arrival time on bus stops. Many systems have been developed based on different techniques. In this paper, we will present real time bus arrival information rather than using participatory or supposed constant travel times. Global Positioning System (GPS) has been used to obtain real time location information of a vehicle in order to predict its arrival time on a particular position. The communication between each node (such as in-vehicle device and bus stop device) has been established using Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network based Short Messaging Service (SMS) service. On server side, we have developed an efficient algorithm to predict the arrival times accurately. An optimized algorithm has been developed in terms of processing time and memory requirements. In the last section, we have also presented results of our system under various test conditions. Many test drives have been done on a selected route and resulting predicted times and their deviation from Final Travelling Time (FTT) at each bus stop have been shown in graphs. Accuracy of our algorithm with several modifications have been compared and finally algorithm with an average error of less than a minute has been implemented.

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