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Dr. Ubaid Ullah Fiaz


In modern era, technology is shaping each and every aspect of human life, thereby leading to more efficiency and reliability. Many shopping malls are incorporating technological advancements for increased convenience towards customers. For smart shopping malls, smart shopping cart is an essential requirement which will solve certain problems commonly faced in a shopping mall like dissatisfaction because of long waiting time for check-out process and involvement of a lot of man power. The shopping cart as a package consists of a microprocessor, barcode reader, LCD screen, wireless card, and power supply. A barcode scanner is used to scan the barcode of the item to be purchased. After scanning, the system compares the item with database using a Wi-Fi server & the details (name, price, and quantity) of that item are displayed on LCD screen and purchase list is updated accordingly. The smart cart has amazing features like searching the item to check its availability and price, showing daily sales report, creating shopping list, and displaying trending items. The dominant feature of the product is increased managerial control, by which manager will be able to see the statistics of carts designated by cart number, the quantity of available products, and the graphical representation of daily sales report. There are two levels of protection against theft, hence when a customer places a product without scanning; it is detected via anti-theft techniques. When the customer is taking cart through the shopping mall without scanning for a specified period of time, advertisements can also be displayed on LCD screen. The advertisement will be disappeared when any of the products is scanned by the customer. On pressing end shopping button, the complete details and purchase list of that specific cart is sent to the cashier and the only thing the customer has to do is making payment and collecting his carts merchandise from the counter. The smart shopping cart depicts the involvement of technology in revolutionizing the shopping experience of customers and making the management task much reliable and easy for manager.

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