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Dr. Farhan Mehmood


In recent times many energy experts, scientists, engineers and activists actively promote a 100% renewable energy vision. The recent reports suggest that, we have already used almost 2/3 of our carbon budget and at the current projected rate; this entire budget will be used by the year 2040. So, there is a need to shift our investment as well as enhance our research on renewable energy sources. The solar photovoltaic (PV) generation is becoming more important as a renewable energy source since it offers many advantages such as no fuel cost, no noise, no pollution and less maintenance. Photovoltaic (PV) generation requires expensive batteries to store energy for the use in night. Using net energy metering (NEM) we can use the energy delivered by the electric distribution companies such as WAPDA in night or cloudy weather and solar energy in day time. Net energy metering requires the meter to measure two quantities. First quantity is the Energy delivered by the electric distribution company (WAPDA) to the consumer (imported energy) and second quantity is the energy delivered by the consumer to the electric distribution company (exported energy). Bidirectional net meter is developed to calculate to display the difference between imported and exported energy. Customers are allowed to store their extra electricity on the grid and use it later using both net metering and Time of Use (TOU) policies. For example, a resident can sell his excess energy during on-peak times and buy it at off-peak hours. Not only can we use energy efficiently but we can contribute to the fulfilment of increasing energy demand of our country.

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