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Mr. Salman Fakhar


In Pakistan, energy saving is of great importance. In order to overcome energy crisis the only possible solution with minimum cost is to save energy. Optimizing motor control systems by installing to variable frequency drives (VFDs) can reduce energy consumption in our facility by as much as 70%. No work has ever been done previously on this much high power rating VFDs in the education and research sector of Pakistan. Variable speed drives are not manufactured at local level owing to the lack of stability of design and therefore industrialists bear the brunt of high costs in importing the speed drives (or VFDs). The first approach to this project will be to design a gate driver circuit, driving high power IGBT stacks and this constitutes a three phase inverter. It will operate a high wattage induction motor. The efficient control of this inverter will be done by space vector modulation technique using NI myRIO FGPA. Space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) could not have been implemented efficiently using other micro-controllers and DSP boards. So we will prefer NI myRIO. The next major steps will include the control of starting current of the induction motor and its speed. The speed control of the motor will be done by controlling the operating frequency and voltage of the induction motor in a closed loop commonly known as V/f speed control of the induction motor. As we are dealing with high power ratings, in order to eliminate stray capacitance and inductance, we shall be using snubber circuits to protect IGBT stacks that has also not been done earlier in Pakistan. The final outlook of the project will be an efficiently running myRIO FPGA based Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for high power induction motor that will serve as a basis to provide the local industrialists with the economical solution of motor speed control. For marketing purposes we are developing a website encompassing all the features of our product to gravitate the buyers as well as investors towards our product. Once we succeed in setting up the local VFD manufacturing unit, it will be the inception of a new era of industrial revolution in Pakistan that will benefit local industrialists and countrys economy will experience a boom.

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