Group: 2013-FYP-5



Dr. Khalid Mehmood Ul Hasan


This project is related to load management (Partial Load Shedding) for user benefits and automatic billing to alleviate sluggishness and problems to users. Partial Load Shedding includes the removal of loads on temporary basis which are using greatest of all the presently connected loads and this is what we have done in our project. we have connected loads of different watts and have managed to cut off the biggest load when the usage of power exceeds a set limit. Communication between the user and utility is also included in this project with the help of GSM which will be used to send warnings to user for over-usage and also the units that he has consumed in all the month. Arduino is being used in this project as the controller in which all the setting of maximum allowed power to be used is set and only the user who violates the limits is affected. Current Transformer sensors are being used to sense the current and to give output as voltage on Arduino pin. Tripping is done with the help of relays. Moreover, utility gets the data about the consumed power by user through GSM and utility makes a graph of this monthly use along-with a bill sheet that includes the penalty for over-use. Display is also attached with the meter of consumer so that he gets idea of the units consumed. In addition, a message at the end of the month and before the arrival of the conventional bill will be sent to user that will tell him about the monthly units used along-with the estimated bill.

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