Group: 2013-FYP-4



Dr. Muhammad Tahir


Anti-intrusion Systems especially for border intrusion control primarily concern with the detection, tracking and neutralization of targets. Our project consists of the development of a prototype Sentry System designed specifically for detection, tracking and neutralization of human threats in real time. The required task involves acquiring an intruding human target from the field of view of a camera and moving a turret towards the target in real-time. The target is required to be locked-on, and when the target is confirmed as a viable threat, it is desired to effectively take out the confirmed target. We propose a Tracking Leaning Detection (TLD) based Semi-Autonomous machine which functionally implements the desired task of a sentry system in three logical units: Computer Vision Unit, Motion Control Unit and Control Unit. The Computer Vision Unit extracts the target coordinates from the camera frames with the help of TLD and other computer vision algorithms, and sends it to the Motion Controller. The Motion Control Unit produces an immediate response to the received target location, operating a turret to aim accurately at the target. The Control Unit gives remote access to a human being for the decision of target neutralization. Since the first two units operate autonomously to aim and lock-on at human targets and the neutralization is on the decision made by a remotely present human being, the overall system is Semiautonomous in nature. The design of the sentry systems physical setup and organization consists of a camera fixed onto a firm tripod stand. A turret mounted on top of the tripod stand provides freedom of movement in x and y axes with the help of two motors, capable of providing high torque and quick response to aim the turret at any position desired in the camera feed. The sentry systems turret is armed with a projectile launcher for the neutralization of a confirmed human threat on command of an authorized person. The authorized person gives the command of neutralization while sitting remotely at a safe distance from the site of deployment of the sentry system, observing the confirmed threat in the live camera feed.

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