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Dr. Muhammad Tahir


Design and implementation of the onboard computer (OBC) of a Micro LEO satellite is to be installed as part of the Attitude Control Subsystem (ACS) of PNSS-1 (Pakistan National Student Satellite). PNSS-1 is a joint collaboration of SUPARCO with academia, initiated in 2014 to design and fabricate the first ever student made satellite of Pakistan and is envisioned to be launched in Space in 2018. The satellite falls into the category of Micro Low Earth Orbit Satellites weighing a total of 50 Kg and carrying an experimental payload into the space. Our project deals only with the onboard computer of the satellite which is considered to be the brain of the Satellite. The OBC units primary function is the attitude control, fault detection isolation and recovery (FDIR) and health telemetry of the Attitude Control Subsystem (ACS). In this document, we discuss the complete hardware design of the OBC, selection of components keeping in view the compatibility with the stringent space conditions such as extended temperature range, redundancy and power budget minimization. We also propose the schematic design of the various sub-modules of the OBC and their interconnections. Furthermore, the budget analysis of the selected components is performed and their conformity with the design requirements of SUPARCO is verified. In the end we also provide the details of the hardware and software testbed designed to simulate the behavior of onboard computer as installed in the satellite. The designed hardware for the onboard computer has been fabricated after detailed verifications from SUPARCO officials. Our project is the first of its kind promising a linkage between the industry and academia of Pakistan from which the future generation of engineers can seek inspiration.

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