Group: 2013-FYP-31



Mr. Salman Fakhar


In the vast wilderness of technology, control systems have taken a preeminent position. From simple kitchen wares to rocket sciences and space shuttles, everything is surrounded with automated marvels of technology. There are home automation systems (HAS), heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system (HVAC), responsive surveillance systems etc. which lie under the domain of control systems. Porting anything on the internet means that its being made available on the global network of computers. Twenty first century has seen a tremendous breakthrough in the field of networking. Internet has made almost everything connected and made the utopian concept of global village, an amazing reality. This project basically deals with the concept of internetworking of physical resource collectors and control units or otherwise known as Internet of Things (IoT). We have made a mesh network of sensors and connected it to an embedded TCP/IP server to demonstrate the idea. We connected some control appliances and sensors to the server and forwarded the port of the server on the internet. User interface was provided in an android app to connect to the server in both LAN and WAN mode. Security procedures have also been deployed to eradicate any possibility of breach.

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To ensure understanding and application of engineering fundamentals to address social needs.

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To become a center of excellence in knowledge creation and dissemination by inculcating analysis and design skills in electrical engineering students.


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