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Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif


The efficient speed control of three phase induction motor is one of the important constraints of the modern world. Induction machines are being used in most of the industries and are considered as the back bone of any industry. The efficient and precise control of induction motor is the most desired element in implementation of process control in any industry. The motor working mechanism should be made capable of bearing the unfavorable power system situations. Unfortunately, the gains made with Variable Frequency Drives are often at the expense of power quality. So controlling and doing real time monitoring can serve the best solution in this regard. So we are making an energy saving variable frequency drive along with the monitoring of different electrical parameters. Additionally, using World Wide Web any one can access power quality monitoring data of the motor via the Internet. A three phase inverter is made which is capable of running on conventional energy sources as well as on renewable resources. We are controlling the output of three phase inverter by implementing one of the best Pulse Width Modulation algorithm known as Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation by using myRIO FGPA along with graphical interface of the LabVIEW for motor control process. We have implemented the closed loop motor control of induction motor by adjusting the motor operating voltages and frequency according to the given reference speed. This is basically a V/f speed control of motor. The real time power quality monitoring enables us to continuously observe different parameters such as voltage and current waveforms, torque, speed, harmonics etc. On the basis of these factors we can improve the response of the induction motor. The real time monitoring and accessing via internet helps to operate Variable Frequency Drives efficiently

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