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Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi


The shortage of Energy is the biggest problem faced by our nation. The growing deficit between generation and demand for electricity has resulted in prolonged power outages. Stand Alone Wind Energy Systems are a proposed solution to mitigate this growing difference by providing energy to urban areas, rural areas and remote locations where no source of energy is present. Stand Alone Wind Energy System can also be termed as an Off-Grid Power System. It harnesses the energy in the wind and provides electricity for the general use. A HAWT has been used to harness the energy in the wind which is used to drive a DC Generator. The DC voltage is regulated and maintained at 12V with the help of a Boost Converter which converts the fluctuating output voltage of the DC Generator into a fixed 12V DC output to charge a Deep Cell Battery. The Charging is supervised by the help of a Charge Controller to prevent over charge. DC Voltage from the battery is inverted into AC voltage with the help of an inverter. The obtained waveform is passed through a filter to remove low order harmonics. A Transformer is used to step up the voltage ta the standard 230V Ac at 50 Hz for general use. Wind being a renewable source of energy provides a cost effective and eco-friendly solution to the power shortage dilemma.

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