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Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi


The conventional ways of electricity production are casting an adverse effect on environment. Hence, their usage for electricity generation needs to be minimized in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem. In this aspect, the renewable energy resources like solar, hydal, wind energy etc. ought to be promoted. These unconventional but clean sources of electricity are catching hype across the whole world but in developing countries, like Pakistan, these renewable energy sources seem to be expensive at user end. That is the main reason of resistance in usage and implementation of such green energy sources. The main reason of these sources being expensive is that the whole generated electricity is not utilized efficiently and about 40 percent of solar generated electricity in Pakistan is wasted. Now, if this wasted energy is brought into an effective use then expense of green energy can be minimized by optimizing its usage. Our project model deals with the development of a bidirectional energy meter that will be capable of transporting the surplus renewable energy back to the national grid or to the neighboring electricity consumers. In this model, no green energy will be lost. The bidirectional meter will measure the units of electricity that are being imported from national grid and also the units that are being transported back to the national grid. This will be in compliance with application of net metering. The consumer tariff load will be reduced and he will have to pay price just for net amount of units used by him. In this way, Bidirectional Energy Meter promotes the generation and utilization of green energy at consumer end.

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