Group: 2014-FYP-39



Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif


The project is based on Printed Circuit Board fabrication by CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine executing pre-programmed sequence of control commands, thus automating multiple machine tools. The idea is to present a local low-cost solution of fabricating Printed Circuit Boards while maintaining precision and accuracy. The product should not only work for etching and milling Printed Circuit Boards but also on workpieces of different materials like plastic, wood, soft-metal etc. The procedure incorporates both the execution of Gerber files generated by Computer Aided Design or image of design given in form of jpeg and png file, to formulate geometry and machine control commands in LabView, for precise movements over all three dimensions.

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Our Vision

To ensure understanding and application of engineering fundamentals to address social needs.

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To become a center of excellence in knowledge creation and dissemination by inculcating analysis and design skills in electrical engineering students.


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