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Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi


As the humankind is rushing towards stronger economies, the world is running of its available resources. Therefore, the need for renewable energy resources has increased. Solar is energy is one of most important, cheap and environment friendly form of renewable energy. This alternative energy can significantly contribute with the reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which attack the environment deeply. In this project we are going to use PV system which will take energy from sunlight and convert it into useable form of energy. But the problem arises, when the position of sun keeps on changing throughout the day, which decrease efficiency drastically. So, in this project we are going to track the position of sun throughout the day to increase efficiency. Then as the environment of some specific location does not remain same so maximum power point tracking of PV module is also deployed in our project, which will track the maximum power point using buck boost converter to energy from module efficiently. Output of buck-boost converter is then boosted up to 560 volts with isolated boost converter using push pull topology. So that inverter gives complete line to line WAPDA voltages which is 415 to 420 volts at output. Energy from PV module is DC, but mostly our household items consume AC Power. So, we have to convert this DC from PV module to AC by using Inverter. Because some energy is lost during conversion, so we have to use technique which does so efficiently, space vector pulse width modulation is one of most efficient technique, so we are going to use this technique in our project. Inverter converts DC to AC using space vector pulse width modulation technique(SVPWM).

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