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Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi


The national grid of Pakistan has been facing power crises since last decade primarily due to lack of sufficient generation to meet the required load demand. Realizing this fact, the government of Pakistan gave incentives to generation developers both in public and private sector to overcome the generation shortage. Thus, a lot of generation is being added in the national grid and it is expected that generation deficit will be overcome in year 2018 and onwards. The problem currently being faced in the grid system is the low voltage profile due to inadequate reactive power supply in various load centers. The low voltage problem has also seriously affected reliability of power supply during peak load condition. This problem will aggravate when load demand will grow further in future. The unnecessary flow of reactive power also results in increase of transmission system losses. The solution to handle the low voltage problem and manage excessive reactive power flows during normal and outage conditions is the effective use of shunt type devices which include fixed capacitors to provide reactive power during steady state conditions; and Switched Capacitors and/or Static Var Compensator (SVC) to provide reactive power during outage conditions to keep the voltage profile within limits and save the grid system from collapse. The same problem is observed in the QESCO network of Pakistan. Load centers are remotely located, the transmission lines are very long and generation centers are few and are unable to provide the necessary reactive power to the load centers. The project we are working on, will solve the voltage stability problem of the specified region. Our project will highlight the applications of FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems) devices (like different types of series controllers, shunt controllers, series-shunt controllers etc) in Power Systems and the software to be used for this purpose is PSSE (Power System Simulator for Engineering). FACTS devices are used nowadays to enhance the controllability and increase the power transfer capability of the transmission systems. We will simulate and optimize the power system performance through the application of suitable FACTS devices. We will analyze the system through load flow and transient stability analysis.

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