Group: 2014-FYP-41



Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif


Automated Utlity Bill Management and Security System incorporates two features. Billing automaton feature uses multi-featured website and android application to improve the conventional way, the power utility providers gather and handle billing data. Website is developed using Macromedia Dreamveawer. PHP and javascript are used for back end programming of the website while HTML is used for front end. Website has the capability of calculating the bills, generating PDFs and sending emails to the respective persons. Mobile application is made basically for layman meter readers, who will enter the meter reading which will then automatically be inserted into the database. Automatic vehicle identification feature enhances security on entrance through number plate recognition. System works by capturing the image of vehicle, processing of image which includes detection of number plate and extraction of registration number of vehicle in a string. This registration number is compared with a database and hence authentication is achieved. This part of system is implemented and simulated in MATLAB. In essence, this system has completely automated the security system. To add on, website and application altogether have eased the chores related to calculations of public utilities (electricity, gas and telephone bills). The integrated system is implemented, tested and proven to be stable and reliable.

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