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Dr. Umer Tabrez Shami


MPPT using BOOST converter is a type of power electronic DC-DC converter intended to extract Peak power the solar panel can provide based on the principle of maximum power transfer theorem according to which the maximum power from source to load occur when there is an impedance matching between the two. It can also be interpreted in term of ohms law as to extract the required power just change the load impedance by changing the IV characteristic either by increasing the voltage across the load or by decreasing the current thereby adjusting the load impedance to the desired level of load required for the desired power and this is done by using boost converter that is supposed to increase the DC voltage level up by decreasing current through the load. As the solar panel power is constantly varying depending upon the surrounding conditions such as temperature, weather and solar irradiance so the MPPT process must be smart and automatic and for that purpose we will implement some smart and intelligent device like microcontroller to constantly chase the peak condition and to operate the PV module at that condition. There are different algorithms governing the MPPT but we decided to use perturb & observe method as it is simple to program as well as to implement. It is also known as hill climbing method. So our project is actually a hardware implementation of MPPT algorithms. This project can greatly reduce the cost as well as the design of PV system e.g a 12 v, 100 watt solar panel can easily run a 36 watt DC fan as rated but it cannot run two fans simultaneously at rated speed as it is intended to. This is because the voltage drop drastically as we connect two fans so by using MPPT based technique we can save our money ie now we can run two or three fans with a single solar PV module.

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