Group: 2014-FYP-19



Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif


The project presents a new cascaded Switch Ladder Multilevel Inverter Structure for making the efficient use of renewable energy sources. Different DC links are used to feed the inverter to get the sinusoidal output consisting of 289 levels resulting into a waveform with less than 1% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). Optimization has been done to achieve maximum number of levels with minimum number of switches and DC sources. The objective is to minimize the switching losses and voltage stress on electronic switches and to make the inverter cost-effective with the removal of expensive active filters for producing low harmonic distortion in the output and to make it highly efficient for grid connectivity. As Pakistan is a country facing with severe energy crises. So, need of hour is to look for the new energy generating resources and to improve the efficiency of presently available resources. Renewable energy sources such as Photovoltaics, Wind, Low Head Hydro and Geo-Thermal are the expected energy resources of the future. The general function of multilevel inverter is to synthesize the desired AC voltage from several levels of DC voltages. For this reason, multilevel inverters are ideal for connecting either in series or in parallel to an AC grid with Renewable Energy Sources. Moreover, there will be no need of human efforts for Grid connectivity as it will be auto-controlled. User-friendly interface will allow everyone to visualize the ongoing operations. All the necessary parameters of grid supply and the inverter power flow will be monitored in the real time on Graphical User Interface in NI LabVIEW and it will be automated wirelessly by the mobile phone application with the computing support of NI myRIO FPGA.

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