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Dr. Tahir Izhar


Our project is basically based on Hybrid Solar System Design. Hybrid System is a combination of grid tied and standalone PV system. Design will be demonstrated through hardware as well as software. We designed an inverter to convert AC to DC. We linked the Solar Source and utility grid main to our load through a net meter. We made a system in which we have three sources to serve the load, one is utility grid second is Solar Panels and third is battery backup. Solar Panel is taken as input and its voltage and current variations are sensed using them the maximum power point tracking is done and a pulse is generated. Pulse was used for switching in a DC-DC isolated boost converter. Then an inverter is used to invert DC to an AC. This AC is synchronized with the utility grid to achieve same voltage level and frequency as that of utility. Afterwards this synchronized AC is given to net meter to have bidirectional flow. In case of islanding our system will shut down and the load demands will be fulfilled through a backup system. Load Management is an important feature of our system in which switching is done and load is managed in such a way that system remains economical and efficient. Load Management is done that performs switching and saves more energy as compared to existing systems and adds efficiency to our system. After design of solar grid and net meter we will come towards backup system. For this we will design our backup keeping in view the minimum cost and high efficiency as compared to already proposed solutions. We will start our project in summer and will complete first part till end of seventh semester and then we will be working on backup source. Our project will provide efficient utilization of Solar Energy, cost reduction of existing system and minimum energy usage through switching.

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