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Dr. Kashif Javed


Nearly 2 million people are blind in our country Pakistan and almost 6 million of the people are partially impaired and cannot see the world around them clearly. Number of Blinds is expected to cross 3 million by 2020.More commonly white cane is being used to help the blind individuals .Moreover, I based glassed are also employed in the major countries like United States of America. We are thus trying to develop a mechanism that will help the blind people in their daily activities and they will be able to move and go freely anywhere they desire regardless of the any obstacles in the way. The aims of our project are as follows. First, to navigate a blind person to his destination within the given map. Second, detect any obstacle in the wat and navigate through another path. Third, to control his appliances via voice commands. Destination will be given via robot, obstacle detection will be done via range finder, home automation will be done via GSM Module and position of appliances and controlling them via voice commands will be done via push button. Researchers have addressed the localization problem for mobile robots using many different Kinds of sensors, including rangefinders, cameras, and odometers. In this proposal, we consider a Robot that will guide a visually impaired individual to its destination safe and sound using precise Path finding algorithms that include A* Algorithm, D* Algorithm and a bit of D* Lite. These Methods have gained popularity because of their reduced error rate and amazing efficiencies of Finding the obstacles .Further this paper discusses a very brief summary of raspberry pi 3 that Will be used .The visually impaired person will be able to walk freely and reach its desired Location with utmost accuracy.

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