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Mr. Salman Fakhar


Automation is the spark of the industry and every industry is willing to invest in automation. This application-based project can be used for fixed areas, like factories or universities to transport payloads and equipment. We have used Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique as it is cost effective. Optical Character Recognition is the process of converting text in an image to editable text. The character recognition is achieved through segmentation, feature extraction and classification. We have made the system wireless by using WLAN. Raspberry pi can establish a connection within 32 meters range which is typical for WLAN. Controller is driven by a power bank and a 12 V battery is used to provide power to the DC geared motors of the robot. Power bank and battery are fitted within the assembly of the robot and there is no need to provide any wired connection from external source. When we send the command through LabView to Raspberry pi, the robot will start moving towards its specified destination. The on-board camera will take images of the direction boards and feed them to Raspberry Pi which will extract the text from the image and will decide its direction (left/right) according to the extracted text. We are using pi camera also for live streaming through VLC plugin on LabVIEW. So, this project can be used for surveillance purposes as well. We are using three ultrasonic sensors, one on the front and two on the sides. The sensor on the front will help in obstacle avoidance and the sensors on the sideways will keep the robot on a straight path so that it may not collide with a wall or any other object. When the extracted text from any image matches with the given command, the robot will stop there and will wait for further instructions.

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