Group: 2014-FYP-09



Miss Noor Ul Ain


This project is based on developing a way to supply power through an air gap, without using physical connectors or current carrying wires. The ultimate goal is to make a prototype of electric vehicle and track which transfers significant power to drive the vehicle. The transmitter coil is energized by alternating current to generate a magnetic field, which in turn induces as current in the receiver coil. This induced current is then used to power devices where interconnected wires are inconvenient or not possible. The objectives of the project include, achieving a significant power level to drive an electric vehicle, developing a system to power the electric vehicles wirelessly through the tracks, developing the wireless charger parking for electric vehicles and minimizing the size and cost of hardware equipment yet maximizing the power transfer and efficiency. From application perspective it can be implanted in Electric Vehicles and Tracks, wireless power can be harnessed and implemented in home equipments charging it can be used in Aerial Vehicles and Solar Power Satellites, it can be used in charging Electronic Portable Devices, Pacemakers and Electric Vehicles and it can be used in cordless power drills for construction sites. Till now we have simulated the system on ANSYS Maxwell and PSIM to deliver the significant power wirelessly and successfully developed a prototype of Transmitter and Receiver coil to transfer 25W power wirelessly.

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