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Mr. Habib Wajid


Stable Operation of a Power System is essential for the reliable and continuous supply of power to load. Power system is continuously prone to different transient disturbances occurring because of events like short circuit faults and load changing in consequence of which voltage value fluctuates from its steady state value and the power system may become unstable if these transient disturbances sustain for a long interval of time. Fast remedial measures are necessary to ensure the stable and regulated operation of power system. Different techniques like PID control can be used to keep the voltage at its steady state value. But this technique is not fast and robust because of its linear nature. Our project proposes the fast, robust and non-linear control to counterfeit the effects of transient disturbances. In this project, Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) is implemented to keep the voltage value at its steady state value. The control of this STATCOM is based on Neuro-Fuzzy Controller making its response faster to make the power system back to its stable operation due to non-linear nature of Neuro-Fuzzy Control. The human like decision taking power of Fuzzy Controller and adaptive nature of Neural Networks make it a fast, robust and intelligent controller. STATCOM is implemented by a three phase Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) inverter whose DC voltage input is given by DC link capacitor. The inverter output voltage is controlled by controlling the gate pulses. The inverter is tied to grid using coupling transformer which also serves the purpose of low pass LC filter by connecting a capacitor in parallel with it. For the Neuro-Fuzzy Controller grids voltage, phase angle between grids voltage and inverter output voltage and DC link capacitor voltage are continuously monitored. Membership functions and rules for controlling these parameters are implemented in a microcontroller and these are controlled based on these rules. The DC link capacitor voltage and inverter output voltage and grids voltage phase angle is controlled to keep the DC link capacitor charged. The grids voltage is continuously monitored. If the grids voltage is higher than the steady state value STATCOM absorbs reactive power and vice versa based on the rules implemented in Neuro-Fuzzy Controller. This STATCOM absorbs active power from grid to power up the inverter

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