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Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi


The cornerstone of our project is Women Empowerment; by providing them with an Automatic Baby Soothing and Monitoring System, with a special focus on developing countries i.e. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other South Asian countries. This project is the personification of a Smart Baby Cradle, brought about by integrating distinctive features i.e. automatic cradle swing (using cry detection system), interactive toys and camera (for monitoring purposes), in a single unit. This project entails the concepts of electronics, machine learning and mechanical motion; employed to create a positive and progressive impact on society. This Automatic Baby Soothing and Monitoring System detects voice around the cradle, classifies it and decides whether to rock the cradle or not, based on the classification. Moreover, if crying does not stop, it employs music and interactive toys; to soothe the baby. In the event of constant crying, it also has a fail-safe mechanism. In such an event, it generates an alert on mothers cell phone, informing her that the child is crying constantly and she is needed right away. In this way, it aspires to bring certain amount of relief to mother, and help her balance work and domestic life. This Automatic Baby Soothing and Monitoring System aspires to achieve certain objectives. It will provide a smart solution for child-care industry. It will help working women balance their work and domestic chores; so that they can work in tandem with their male counterparts, for the progress of their country. It will be a step closer to UN Sustainable Development Goal #5 - Gender Equality, which in turn, will brighten up the positive image of our county. Along with the increasing digital in every walk of life, it will most certainly play an important role to achieve a global digital future. It will eventually create a positive impact on society by empowering the women to a certain capacity.

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To ensure understanding and application of engineering fundamentals to address social needs.

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To become a center of excellence in knowledge creation and dissemination by inculcating analysis and design skills in electrical engineering students.


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